Spinalis Foundation

We are a charitable foundation whose mission is to promote research and treatment development in the field of spinal cord injuries. We have a scientific cooperation with Coloplast AB in order to develop better products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions.

Food, weight and health for people with spinal cord injury

Now it’s finally here, the brochure with tips, questions and answers about food and weight for people with spinal cord injury. Read and let yourself be inspired!

Africa with a broken neck

A documentary by Folke Rydén about Spinalis from 2016. “He is the doctor who broke his neck and became paralyzed only two weeks before he was about to get married. Claes Hultling chose to make his life trauma his career – and now he faces his biggest challenge so far.

The project, SCI Parenting, aim is to increase knowledge regarding fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting for people living with spinal cord injury.

“Remarkable catch up”

Children of Spinal cord injured mothers are in general smaller than other children at birth, but catch up the difference in only three months. This is shown in a recent study by Molly Petersson, medical student at Karolinska Institute and afilliated with Spinalis foundation. Further studies are needed to explore possible causes for these differences.

Cognitive function and performance of everyday activities in adults with spina bifida

Dorothee Riedel, occupational therapist and employee at the Spinalis Foundation, published an article on spina bifida and cognition in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Spinalistips website

On the Spinalistips database you can find over a thousand of tips on tools, special adaptations and custom made solutions from persons living with spinal cord injury. Ideas that facilitate an active life with tips by and for persons living with spinal cord injury.

New film project underway

Max Nilén is a trained actor who has performed the show Rulle – which is about everyday life in wheelchair, be a relative and all the prejudices. Now he is developing the project Rulle to film that will arouse thoughts.

The art of healthy living with physical impairment

The book is available for free of charge as a pdf and as a e-book (for aprox. SEK 17) at the online book shops Bokus and Adlibris.