New film project underway

My name is Max Nilén and I am an actor. I am passionate about creating my own projects and using film and theater as a means of giving people thoughts and reflections.

I have previously done a theater performance called Rulle which is about sitting in a wheelchair. It is about prejudices and also the experiences as a relative. My mother became spinal cord injuried when I was six years old, so much of that performance is based on our own experiences and reflections.

Now I have started a project with the Spinalis Foundation to develop my performance “Rulle” into a film. I will start my research with a more solid interview material where I want to immerse myself in everything that has to do with spinal cord injury, paralysis, wheelchairs, relatives’ perspectives, prejudices and experiences.

The project will be in progress from the autumn of 2020 and six months ahead.

NoSCoS 2021

Congress of the Nordic Spinal Cord Society


Welcome to Stockholm and NoSCoS 2021
The congress will take place at the Radisson Royal Park Hotel (länka) in the scenic and historical settings of Haga National City Park – close to the Haga Royal Palace and with a majestic view of Brunnsviken bay.

The hotel is situated right next to Rehab Station Stockholm / Spinalis and with the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska Hospital only a stone´s throw away.

The surroundings offer a unique nature experience as a compliment to the scientific program. Why not combine the congress with a weekend in Stockholm – the beautiful capital of Scandinavia.

The selected hotel offers an innovative vegetarian menue inspired by both climate sustainability and healthy lifestyle.


Date: 2-4 september 2021
Venue: Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel, Frösundaviks allé 15 i Stockholm
Homepage: NoSCoS2021

Food, weight and health for people with spinal cord injury

There are many reasons why a more distinct approach to health information on the topics of healthy foods, weight management and overweight prevention in SCI rehabilitation is needed. The maintenance of overall health, mobility and function and avoidance of pressure ulcers and constipation are some.


“Food, weight and health for people with spinal cord injury

This brochure – the original Swedish version entitled “Mat, vikt och hälsa för dig med ryggmärgsskada – answers the questions: 

  • Why do I gain weight even though I eat so little?
  • How much do I burn?
  • What should I eat to stay healthy?
  • How should I eat to avoid constipation?

 The brochure is written by Anna-Carin Lagerström in cooperation with the founding members of NutriNord_SCI – a Nordic initiative on patient education on nutrition for people with Spinal Cord Injury. It has been produced by Spinalis Foundation and made available for translation for free to other languages. 


For download the pdf-brochures please visit the webpage, Böcker & Broschyrer


The newly made editions in other languages are often a result from cooperations between local clinicians, patient organizations and industry. 

Here is a selection of organizations that we have collaborated with:

Spinalis Connect is open

On Monday, March 26, Spinalis Connect was opened in Frösundavik. Here we are creating a meeting place for academy, healthcare and various other businesses and organizations in our field. Spinalis Connect will inspire and create added value for spinal cord injured persons.

More than 60 guests participated at the seminar including Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg, Karolinska Institute Rector Karin Dahlman Wright, National Life-Science Coordinator Jenni Nordborg and CEO Spinalis Claes Hultling. From Praktikertjänst, the President and CEO, Erik Strand participated, who spoke about the cooperation with Rehab Station Stockholm, which has its premises close by.

See a few pictures below from the opening ceremony


Food, weight and health for people with spinal cord injury

Now it’s finally here, the brochure with tips, questions and answers about food and weight for people with spinal cord injury. Read and let yourself be inspired! The brochure is also available in Swedish.

Download pdf brochure here

Download pdf brochure in Swedish language here

Read more about Health and lifestyle at the Spinalis Foundation here

10 expert tips for a smooth digestion

Anna-Carin Lagerström HälsoutvecklingSpinalis is engaged in a long-term cooperation with Wellspect HealthCare. They are writing a blog called The Wellspect blog, which provides you with unedited perspectives, tips and scientific news regarding urinary health and hydrophilic catheters.

Today’s blog post is about common bowel problems. Anna-Carin Lagerström has a Masters of Science and works as a physiotherapist, health educator and nutrition counselor at Spinalis. She meets a lot of people with bladder and bowel problems.

“The most common problems are constipation, abdominal gas and bloating. Reasons for constipation can be a sedentary life style, low fluid intake and medicines used for the primary diagnosis, like painkillers (e.g. morphine and codeine), diuretics (e.g.baclofen) or antidepressants. Some people are incontinent and the bowel tends to have a life of its own, which often creates stress and anxiety surrounding having an accident in public.”

Reed the article here

Expert tips for healthy life with a spinal cord injury

Anna-Carin_o_citron_incl_photo_cred.jpgSpinalis is engaged in a long-term cooperation with Wellspect HealthCare. Wellspect is writing a blog called The Wellspect blog, which provides you with unedited perspectives, tips and scientific news regarding urinary health and hydrophilic catheters.

Today’s blog post is an interview with Spinalis’ health coach Anna-Carin Lagerström. She is a specialist in helping people with spinal cord injuries and talks about the importance of good habits for a life with more energy and quality.

Physical activity and exercise, based on your physical condition, is vital for your health. A life in a wheelchair offers a lot of challenges where you need a strong body.

“It’s like brushing your teeth—it is absolutely essential to do it every day. The same goes for exercise, especially since you miss out of the regular daily exercise that walking people get automatically” – Anna-Carin


Read the whole article here

I Will Never Accept my Disability…

A group of recent spinal cord injured persons visited Shake a Leg Miami to experience the wonders of sailing as part of their rehabilitation. The subject of the interview, Claes Hultling who travels from Stockholm with groups like these every year, reflects on the program: it’s profound effect, their partnership with Shake-A-Leg, and the movement of non-conventional rehabilitation to treat physically disabled persons. The interview is made by Robert Tassy.

New book – The art of healthy living with physical impairments

This guide to an active and healthy lifestyle is written primarily for you, those of you who live with a physical impairment and want more information, who are keen to get in better shape, and who have a desire for a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects. But it is also intended for family and friends, personal assistants, rehabilitation professionals, and primary health providers who want to advance their understanding. The authors are Anna-Carin Lagerström and Kerstin Wahman.

Price: SEK 200 (+ shipping fee).

The book is also available for free of charge as a pdf here:
The art of healthy living with physical impairments
and as a E-book (for aprox. SEK 17) at the online book shops Bokus and Adlibris.