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Spinal Cord Injury Consumer Guides

* Published by Paralyzed Veterans of America on behalf of the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine.

Expected Outcomes: What You Should Know

This series of eight guides describes outcomes according to level of spinal cord injury (C1-3, C4, C5, C6, C7-8, T1-9, T10-L1 and L2-S5). Each guide provides individual guidance on what people with different levels of SCI can reasonably expect to do for themselves one year after injury; what help will be needed with daily life tasks at home, at work, and in the community; and what equipment can help make a person with SCI more independent.
This information can help people with SCI and those who care for them to understand the present and plan for the future.*

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Autonomic Dysreflexia:

This consumer guide explains in clear language the most common warning signs of autonomic dysreflexia and what steps to follow if you think you are experiencing an episode of this life-threatening condition. All information has been prepared by a committee of qualified professionals based on scientific and professional knowledge about autonomic dysreflexia, its causes and treatments.*
Download pdf 2900-142

Neurogenic Bowel:

This guideline provides information to help the reader understand how spinal cord injury can affect and change bowel function and ways to deal with the changes.*
Download pdf 2900-126


Mood disorders like depression are common among people who have chronic health conditions, including people with spinal cord injury. This consumer guide offers information on how to spot depression, its causes, how to get help, treatments available, and much more.*
Download pdf 2900-126

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PDF:s to download:

Expected Outcomes: C1-3 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: C4 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: C5 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: C6 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: C7-8 Spinal injury
Expected Outcomes: T1-9 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: T10-L1 Spinal Injury
Expected Outcomes: L2-S5 Spinal Injury

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