Yasmin – När livet störtdök (Yasmin – When life took a dive)

Yasmin Jungestedt began dancing ballet at the age of four and it became the passion of her life. During the summer of 1999 the unthinkable happened; She broke her neck in a diving accident. When Life Took a Dive is an autobiography, telling the story of Yasmin’s life after the fateful accident in which she became paralysed from the chest down. (In Swedish) Read more

Ryggmärgsskador (Spinal cord injuries)

ryggmargsskadorAnders Holtz, associate professor and practicing physician, and Richard Levi, associate professor and clinical director – are the authors of the first nonfiction book about spinal cord injuries in Swedish. Read more

Shit happens – Bowel and bladder disorders

Bok_shit_happensThe author Madeleine Stenius is assistant nurse/Training and Education Coordinator. She has written an excellent book about bowel and bladder disorders. These are two of the most common problems confronting people with injuries to the spinal cord – but it is also a problematic area filled with many taboos and prejudices. Read more

Spinalis Handbook – A new front for injured backs

spinalis_handbookWritten by Claes Hultling and Richard Levi, the founders of the Spinal Cord Injury Center – Spinaliskliniken. The book has been used since 1994 to educate, inspire and inform newly injured patients with spinal cord injuries throughout Sweden. Read more

Ett samtal om ryggmärgsskador (A discussion about spinal cord injuries)

ett_samtal_om_ryggmargsskadorThe authors, Richard Levi and Claes Hultling, discuss everything about living with spinal cord injuries. Richard Levi is a specialist in neurology and rehabilitation medicine, professor at Umeå University and senior physician at the Umeå University. Claes Hultling is Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet and senior physician at the Neurology Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital. Read more

Överlevnadsboken (Survival Book)

overlevnadsbokenÖverlevnadsboken (in Swedish) occupies a place on the bookshelf as a classic in this context, right next to the Spinalis Handbook. The book focuses on the mental part of rehabilitation. How to accept a new identity, a new reality, following spinal cord injury. Read more

Kokbok för lama (Cookbook for people with physical disabilities)

kokbok_for_lamaClaes Hultling and Stephan Rössner have gathered recipes for delicious, easily prepared food, sound advice about food for people with physical disabilities and clever tips about assistive devices for easy cooking. This book will turn anyone into a master chef. Read more

Drivkraft (Driving force)

drivkraftDriving ergonomics, wheelchair techniques and methodology. Drivkraft (in Swedish) is a textbook and instruction book aimed at wheelchair users, as well as people in occupations that require them to work with wheelchairs and wheelchair maneuvering. The book addresses techniques and methods for wheelchair maneuvering, with great emphasis on the interaction between human and wheelchair. Read more

Boxning i rullstol (Wheelchair Boxing)

boxningRehab Station Stockholm and the Spinal Cord Injury Center introduce an effective boxing-based exercise program for people with spinal cord injuries. The book (in Swedish) provides many great ideas for people who are tired of physical therapy and rubber band exercised.  Read more

Rulleträning (Roll training)

rulletraningRullträning (in Swedish) contains 42 games and exercises developed at Rehab Station Stockholm’s pediatrics unit. The book provides a fun, effective way for children to learn to roll and handle their wheelchairs.  Read more