There are many reasons why a more distinct approach to health information on the topics of healthy foods, weight management and overweight prevention in SCI rehabilitation is needed. The maintenance of overall health, mobility and function and avoidance of pressure ulcers and constipation are some.


“Food, weight and health for people with spinal cord injury

This brochure – the original Swedish version entitled “Mat, vikt och hälsa för dig med ryggmärgsskada – answers the questions: 

 The brochure is written by Anna-Carin Lagerström in cooperation with the founding members of NutriNord_SCI – a Nordic initiative on patient education on nutrition for people with Spinal Cord Injury. It has been produced by Spinalis Foundation and made available for translation for free to other languages. 


For download the pdf-brochures please visit the webpage, Böcker & Broschyrer


The newly made editions in other languages are often a result from cooperations between local clinicians, patient organizations and industry. 

Here is a selection of organizations that we have collaborated with: