Expert tips for healthy life with a spinal cord injury

Anna-Carin_o_citron_incl_photo_cred.jpgSpinalis is engaged in a long-term cooperation with Wellspect HealthCare. They are writing a blog called The Wellspect blog, which provides you with unedited perspectives, tips and scientific news regarding urinary health and hydrophilic catheters.

Today’s blog post is an interview with Spinalis’ health coach Anna-Carin Lagerström. She is a specialist in helping people with spinal cord injuries and talks about the importance of good habits for a life with more energy and quality.

Physical activity and exercise, based on your physical condition, is vital for your health. A life in a wheelchair offers a lot of challenges where you need a strong body.

“It’s like brushing your teeth—it is absolutely essential to do it every day. The same goes for exercise, especially since you miss out of the regular daily exercise that walking people get automatically” – Anna-Carin


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