Expert tips for healthy life with a spinal cord injury

Spinalis is engaged in a long-term cooperation with Wellspect HealthCare. Wellspect is writing a blog called The Wellspect blog, which provides you with unedited perspectives, tips and scientific news regarding urinary health and hydrophilic catheters. Today’s blog post is an interview with Spinalis’ health coach Anna-Carin Lagerström. She is a specialist in helping people with spinal cord injuries and talks […]

I Will Never Accept my Disability…

A group of recent spinal cord injured persons visited Shake a Leg Miami to experience the wonders of sailing as part of their rehabilitation. The subject of the interview, Claes Hultling who travels from Stockholm with groups like these every year, reflects on the program: it’s profound effect, their partnership with Shake-A-Leg, and the movement […]

New book – The art of healthy living with physical impairments

This guide to an active and healthy lifestyle is written primarily for you, those of you who live with a physical impairment and want more information, who are keen to get in better shape, and who have a desire for a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects. But it is also intended for family and […]