Drivkraft (Driving force)

drivkraftDriving ergonomics, wheelchair techniques and methodology. Drivkraft (in Swedish) is a textbook and instruction book aimed at wheelchair users, as well as people in occupations that require them to work with wheelchairs and wheelchair maneuvering. The book addresses techniques and methods for wheelchair maneuvering, with great emphasis on the interaction between human and wheelchair. Read more

Boxning i rullstol (Wheelchair Boxing)

boxningRehab Station Stockholm and the Spinal Cord Injury Center introduce an effective boxing-based exercise program for people with spinal cord injuries. The book (in Swedish) provides many great ideas for people who are tired of physical therapy and rubber band exercised.  Read more

Rulleträning (Roll training)

rulletraningRullträning (in Swedish) contains 42 games and exercises developed at Rehab Station Stockholm’s pediatrics unit. The book provides a fun, effective way for children to learn to roll and handle their wheelchairs.  Read more