10 expert tips for a smooth digestion

Anna-Carin Lagerström HälsoutvecklingSpinalis is engaged in a long-term cooperation with Wellspect HealthCare. They are writing a blog called The Wellspect blog, which provides you with unedited perspectives, tips and scientific news regarding urinary health and hydrophilic catheters.

Today’s blog post is about common bowel problems. Anna-Carin Lagerström has a Masters of Science and works as a physiotherapist, health educator and nutrition counselor at Spinalis. She meets a lot of people with bladder and bowel problems.

“The most common problems are constipation, abdominal gas and bloating. Reasons for constipation can be a sedentary life style, low fluid intake and medicines used for the primary diagnosis, like painkillers (e.g. morphine and codeine), diuretics (e.g.baclofen) or antidepressants. Some people are incontinent and the bowel tends to have a life of its own, which often creates stress and anxiety surrounding having an accident in public.”

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